Sunday, March 25, 2018

Stay on course – March 25, 2018

Stay on course and do not go off course. Listen to, obey and follow My directions precisely every step of the way as I Guide and Lead you to be in My Perfect Will. Do not lag behind Me nor try to go ahead of Me. Stay on course and follow Me only.

You must stay on course to reach your ultimate goal in life, the right end destination. Do not let anyone take you off course, away from Me. Be steadfast, unmovable.

Stay on course no matter your situation or circumstances. I Am in control. I Work all things out for good for those who Love Me, who are being called according to My Plan and Purpose. I do not Fail. Trust Me with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. Stay on course. There are many things that can take you off course.

Your adversary, satan will try his utmost to get you off course. Do not fall prey to him, give him no foothold. Be vigilant, watchful and praying and stay on course.

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