Sunday, April 22, 2018

You can all sow – April 22, 2018

You can all sow good seed to be able to have a bountiful harvest in due time. Those who are not willing to sow must not expect a harvest. If you sow good seed you can expect to reap also.

Sow good seed only because what you sow you will reap also. Those who do not sow good seed will be disappointed and only have themselves to blame.

You can all sow good seed, you are able. Sow good seed as I Guide and Lead you, then you can be certain of a harvest. I do not Fail nor Disappoint.

Make use of every opportunity to sow good seed, it will not be in vain. Those who sow bad seed will bear the consequences and will be disappointed, it will be all in vain. No one wants to be empty handed, nothing to show.

Do not let satan hinder nor stop you from sowing good seed. He will always try his utmost. Do not fall prey to him. You can all sow good seed in faith. I Am able to let it grow so that you can have a harvest.

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