Sunday, April 8, 2018

Your Master – April 08, 2018

You must make Me your Master and walk with Me and serve Me as your Master every day and wholeheartedly. No one can serve two Masters. You will either love the one and hate the other. Serve Me, your Heavenly Master out of Love and with a sincere heart. Be totally devoted to Me.

Submit yourselves totally to Me and My Authority. Deny yourselves, pick up your cross every day and follow Me, your Master, My Way. My Will be done, not your own or that of others. Seek to be in My Perfect Will to be pleasing to Me.

I Am not the Master of many. That is why they do not obey nor follow Me. They love the world and others more than Me. I know every heart, all motives and thoughts. You choose if you want to make and serve Me as your Master or not. You decide if you want to listen to, obey and follow Me only, every step of the Way. You will all give account for your own deeds and bear the consequences.

In the world, you will be hated, persecuted and some killed because of Me and My Everlasting Kingdom but great will your reward be in Heaven, if you endure until the very end. Those who withdraw from Me and My Everlasting Kingdom, it will be all in vain. Bear it all for your Master. A servant is not greater than his Master.

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