Saturday, August 11, 2018

Every day – August 11, 2018

Each one of you must walk with Me out of Love and be totally committed every day and not just some days or when you feel like it. If you want to be in My Perfect Will. My Will be done, not your own or that of other people.

Submit yourselves totally to Me and My Authority, every day. Deny yourselves, pick up your cross every day and follow Me, My Way as I Guide and Lead you every step of the Way. I will Give you Instructions and Assignments Myself and no one else. Yield to Me every day. Be led by My Spirit only. That is pleasing to Me. I seek total obedience all the time and every day from all of you. You will all give account for your own deeds.

Listen to, obey and follow Me only and every day. Live your lives pleasing to Me and worthy to Inherit My Everlasting Kingdom. Then you will not be disappointed. Be mindful of your walk every day, take one step at a time. I will not Fail nor Disappoint you. I Love and I Care for you.

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