Friday, January 17, 2020

Love Unites – January 17, 2020

I Want all of My children to be in unity and not divided. I Am Not Divided. I Seek Unity, that is Pleasing to Me. Love Unites and hatred divides.

That is why there are so many different religious organizations in the world. They are Not in Unity but divided. Each one has their own Beliefs, man made doctrines, and only busy with dead religious practices and Not in My Perfect Will. Love Unites. If you Love Me, you will Love your neighbor as yourselves also.

I Seek Unity among all of My children. Be children of Light and Not of darkness, then you will be in Love and United and Not in hatred and divided. There is only One Body and I Am The only Head and each one of you, is a different part, with different functions. I Give to each one their Instructions and Assignments so that My Body can function properly, according to My Plan and Purpose. Put on Love, be in Peace and United.

You can only be in Unity if you all Listen to, Obey and Follow Me, My Way as I Guide and Lead each one of you Myself to be in My Perfect Will and in Unity. My Will be Done, not your own or that of other people, then there will be Unity and Not division. Love Unites. I Am Love.

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