Monday, January 27, 2020

You Decide – January 27, 2020

You all decide for yourselves, which Way you want to follow. There are only two Ways, The Narrow Way and the broad way. The Narrow Way is My Way and The only Way that leads to Eternal Life and there is the broad way, that seems right, but it leads to death. Be wise, Seek Life Not death. I Find No Pleasure in the death of a sinner. Repent and turn from your wrongful ways because there will be No Mercy without true remorseful repentance.

Sadly many decide Not to Obey Me and will bear the consequences unless they repent in time, they will perish. The wages of sin is death. The soul that sins will die. Repent and you will live.

I Warn and I Call many to Follow Me, My Way, The only Way, to have the Hope of Eternal Life in the end. Many decide Not to and I Force No one. I Love and I Care for all. I Died for all out of Love on The Cross. I Paid The Ultimate Price with My Blood. It is Not My Will that anyone perish but that all repent to have Eternal Life. You all have a free will and decide for yourselves. Be wise, count the cost and decide if you are willing, because you will pay a price, but it will Not be in vain. Listen to, Obey and Follow Me, My Way only. I Guide and Lead you Myself, every step of the Way, to be in My Perfect Will. Endure with Me, until the very end, and you will Not be disappointed.

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