Monday, April 6, 2020

Know who I Really Am – April 06, 2020

There are still many in the world who do Not Know who I Really Am. It is a choice. You can all Know Me for who I Really Am, for what I Am Able to do and Not assume, like many do. That is why many perish. They do Not Know Me, The One whom it is all about. Many lack true Knowledge about Me and From Me. I Speak but many do Not Listen to Me. Only a few Listen to, Obey and Follow Me, My Way.

Many only Know about Me from reading and from hearing from other men and women. They have No Personal Intimate Relationship with Me. Many are only busy practicing dead religion.

I Am The only Way, The Truth and The Life. The only Savior, Messiah of the world. I Give True Peace that surpasses all human understanding, even in the midst of turmoil. I Am The Prince of Peace, The Light of the world but many choose to love darkness more than Light. You must be children of Light and Not of darkness. Be Reconciled and in Peace with Me, The One whom it is all about.

Know who I Really Am. Do Not rely on other people. I Love and I Care for you. I have No Favoritism and I do Not Discriminate. Desire and be determined to Know who I Really Am. Draw Near to Me and I will Draw Near to you also. I Am always Faithful. My Promises Do Not Fail. Those who diligently Seek Me, Find Me. I do Not Disappoint.

Do Not let Me be a stranger to you. You can all Know who I Really Am and that is what I Want.

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