Tuesday, April 7, 2020

My Plan and My Purpose – April 07, 2020

My Plan and My Purpose for My Everlasting Kingdom are Not the same as that of the worldly kingdoms. My Kingdom is Not of the world but My Kingdom is The only Kingdom that will last forever. I will Destroy all man made kingdoms by My Great Power and for My Glory. I Am The King of Glory, The King of kings and The Lord of lords. Before Me every knee will Bow and every tongue will Confess that I Am The Lord. I Am The Beginning and I Am The End. I Am Omnipotent and I Reign by My Great Power and Glory. I Am The only One who Knows The End from The Beginning. I Am, I was and I Am to Come at the Appointed Time.

My Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven. I Work all things out for Good for those who Love Me who are being Called according to My Plan and Purpose. Listen to, Obey and Follow My Instructions and Directions as I Guide and Lead you Myself, to be in My Perfect Will, My Plan and My Purpose.

My Promises do Not Fail. Have Faith in Me and do Not doubt. My Words will Not Return Empty to Me but will Accomplish all that I Want and as I Want, at My Time. You will Live from Every Word that Proceeds From My Mouth. I Speak but few pay attention and Listen to Me to Receive From Me. Listen to Me and you will Live. I Am your Source of Life.

Trust My Plan and My Purpose. I do Not Fail Nor Disappoint. I Am always Faithful. I Am in Full Control. My Ways are not your ways, My Thoughts are Not your thoughts, My Time is not your time. Put all your Hope and Trust in Me, your Creator and Savior. I Love and I Care for you.

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