Saturday, March 28, 2020

Pure in heart – March 28, 2020

You must be pure in heart Or you will Not See Me. I did Not Change Nor My Rules. I have one set of Rules for all. My Rules are Not the same as that of the world. All the things that are an Abomination to Me and that defile people. Many do Not only approve of those things but they also partake and do them. They are in Enmity with Me and Not Pleasing to Me. They are defiled and Not pure in heart and unless they repent they will perish. The wages of sin is death. The soul that sins will die. There will be No Mercy without true remorseful repentance.

You must all change for Good, be Transformed into My Likeness. Be pure in heart. Let Me search your heart to see if there is Not anything in you that is Not Pleasing to Me and do Not assume.

The things that come out of your mouth defile you because that come from your heart. That is why your heart must be pure. You must be blameless. Do Not defile yourselves. Keep your heart pure.

Love Me and others out of a pure heart. Let your love be sincere. I Know every heart and all motives. Pursue Love, Holiness, Righteousness and Peace. Strive hard to be pure in heart. Be Holy for I Am Holy and without Holiness no one will See Me, only the pure in Heart. The unrighteous will Not Inherit My Everlasting Kingdom. Do Not be deceived.

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