Friday, February 26, 2021

All Truth – February 26, 2021

I Am All Truth. I Want All Truth to Unfold, to be Make Known all over the world in these Days. It will be all Biblical. Then I Want everyone to Seek for themselves to be in All Truth. 

All Truth will be available but Not everyone will Want Nor Seek to be in All Truth. I Force No one. Every one of you has a free will and choose for yourself because you will also bear the consequences in The End and The End will tell. The choice is your own. Be Wise and Not foolish. You must Seek to Know and to be in All Truth. Those who Seek Truth will Find Truth. I Am The Only Way, The Truth and The Life. 

My Desire for everyone is to be in All Truth Now, to have the Hope of Eternal Life in The End, because The End will tell. Then it will be too late. Now is Mercy Time and there will be No Mercy without true remorseful Repentance. The wages of sin is death. The soul that sins will die. I Find No Pleasure in the death of a sinner. This is why I Call sinners to Repentance, to Come to The Knowledge of The Truth because Only Truth Sets Free, Not lies. Everyone must be Reconciled and in Peace With Me, The Prince of Peace. I Died for all out of Love On The Cross. I Paid The Ultimate Price With My Blood. It is Not My Will that anyone Perish but that all Repent to have Life. Seek Life and Not death. 

My Beloved children, I Want every one of you to be in All Truth. You must Love and Stand for All Truth and Speak and Walk in All Truth. You are My Truth Warriors in a world that is full of lies and deception. This is why the souls of many are at risk. You must be children of Light and Not of darkness like you used to be, Or you only deceive yourself and The End will tell. Be in All Truth Now because Only Truth Leads to Eternal Life and lies to Eternal Damnation. I Love and I Care for you. Be in Oneness with Me, One in Spirit and in All Truth. This is Pleasing to Me.

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