Thursday, February 18, 2021

Be Thankful and Praise Me – February 18, 2021

Be Thankful and Praise Me, My Beloved children for Who I Am and for What I Am Able to Do. Be Thankful and Praise Me that you Know Me, The One Whom it is all About.

You must always have a Thankful heart Towards Me and Praise Me because I Am Worthy. I Am your Abba Father. I will Never Abandon you. I will Never Leave you Nor Forsake you. I Am always With you to Help and Sustain you. You are Not on your own. Be Thankful and Praise Me. No matter your circumstances Or the situation that you are in. I Am in Control. I Work all Things out for Good because you Love Me and are Called according to My Plan and Purpose. Have Faith in Me and be Thankful and Praise Me. There is Nothing that I Am Not Able to Do. My Hand is Not too Short to Help. I Love and I Care for you. 

Many of you have more than many others and you do Not always realize it. Be Thankful and Praise Me for what you already have. Be different, do not complain about the things that you do Not have. I Know. Seek My Kingdom and My Righteousness First and then will I Add all the other Things to you also. I Am always Faithful to My Promises. I Do Not Fail Nor Disappoint. Put all your Hope and Trust in Me.

Be Firm in your Faith. Be Thankful and Praise Me in and through all the storms of life. Your Faith will be tested many times and in various ways. Victory is always Assured With Me. Be a Victorious Overcomer. I Am For you and Not against you. There is No One Like Me and will Never be. Be Thankful and Praise Me that you Can Know Me, The One you Believe In and Worship For Real. Be in Peace, be Thankful and Praise Me and you will Have and Experience My Peace, which surpasses all human understanding, even in the midst of turmoil. Sing Songs of Praises to Me with a Thankful heart. Show Me your Adoration that I Am Worthy.

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