Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Expect The Supernatural – February 09, 2021

You can Expect The Supernatural. I Am The God of The Supernatural. I Am Not Limited Nor Restricted. All Power and All Authority are Mine. I Do Not Change. I Reign in Great Power and Glory. Praise Me, For Who I Am and For What I Am Able to Do. 

Have Faith in Me and Trust Me when I Say that you can Expect The Supernatural in These Days, for the days are evil. I Am your Only Hope and Hope in Me does Not Fail Nor Disappoint. Your Faith will be tested many times and in various ways. Be Firm in your Faith. Do Not Doubt Me. I Am The Almighty, Able to Do what I Promise. My Words Will Not Return Empty to Me but Will Accomplish all that I Want, as I Want and at My Appointed Time. You can Expect The Supernatural. 

There is Nothing that I Am Not Able to Do. I Am Infinite and Omnipotent. Believe and Trust Me with all your heart when I Say, you can Expect The Supernatural. Walk With Me in Oneness, One in Spirit and in Truth. You will Experience The Supernatural, My Way in These Days. My Name Will be Glorified. I AM Who I AM. My Will, Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Be in Expectation of The Supernatural. I Am Always Faithful to My Promises. I Do Not Fail Nor Disappoint. 

Expect the Unexpected, the Impossible, the Unprecedented, the Extraordinary, because this is Who I AM and Able to Do. I Say: You can Expect The Supernatural.

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