Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Manifest – February 24, 2021

My Promises do Not Change because I do Not Change Nor do I Fail. I Am always Faithful and Trustworthy. I still Manifest Myself to those I Want, as I Want and When I Want. I Am Not Limited Nor Restricted. I Do as I Want because I Am Able. I Am The Almighty, The One Who Is, Who Was, and Who is to Come in Great Power and Great Glory at The Appointed Time. I Am Who I Am. I Do the Unexpected, the Impossible, the Supernatural, the Unprecedented, My Way. I Manifest Myself. 

Believe and Trust Me for who I Am and for what I Am Able to do. Do Not lean on your own understanding of what I Am Able to do Or Not and How I Am Able to Manifest Myself. I Am Able. Trust Me with all your heart and do Not Doubt Me. Love Me and Seek Me with all your heart. My Promises is for everyone. You are Not excluded. I have No Favoritism and I do Not Discriminate. I Love and I Care for everyone of My Beloved children. You are Loved. I Will Manifest Myself to you, My Way. Have Faith in Me and Trust Me. I Want to be Real and Alive to everyone. It is Not about dead religious practices but to have your own Personal Love Relationship With Me. Work on your Relationship With Me it is your own responsibility and Trust Me that I Will Manifest Myself, when you least Expect Me. Live your life in Expectation of Me. You will Not be Disappointed.

My True Church will also be Manifested in these Days more and more and all For My Glory. I Do Not live in man made buildings and temples of stone and mortar but in the Hearts of My Beloved children. You are My Temple and I Will Manifest Myself In and Through you more and more, as I Want, so that My Name will be Glorified. I Am The King of Glory. Praise Me for the Manifestations. I Do Not Fail Nor Disappoint. All Power and all Authority are Mine. Without Me you can do Nothing. Faith in Me Works Miracles. Have Faith in Me. Put all your Hope and Trust in Me, Your Abba Father. 

My Beloved children, everything will be Manifested in these Days. The Things they tried to Hide and keep Secret will be Manifested. There is Nothing Hidden that will Not be Made Manifest Nor anything Secret that will Not be Known and Come to Light. I Am in Control and I Expose and I Reveal the Hidden Things and Secrets because I Am Able. I See and I Hear everything. Nothing is Hidden From Me. I Know it all. Believe Me and Trust Me that everything will be Manifested. My Promises Will be Fulfilled. My Will, Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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