Sunday, February 28, 2021

Take Courage - February 28, 2021

Take Courage My Beloved children, the End will Come at The Appointed Time. Every new day, is one day closer to the End. This life you live now, is only temporary, a journey that will also come to an End, sooner or later. No one knows when it might be their End. Many are dying every day, some suddenly and unexpectedly. This is why I Encourage you, to be always Ready, Pleasing to Me, so that I will Find you Worthy and Allow you Entrance Into Heaven, on that Day. You can Know. Ask Me The One Who Knows because I Am The Only One Who Decides. I Am The Only Way, The Truth and The Life and Besides Me, there is No other and will Never be. Do Not let anyone deceive you Nor lure you Away From Me with satan's lies and empty promises. No one wants to be Disappointed. 

Think about Eternity, it must matter to you Now, more than anything else. There is nothing in this world that you are able to take along with you. This is why I Encourage you to Endure, Press on and never Lose Hope, Nor Give up on Me and My Everlasting Kingdom Or it will be all in vain and you will be Disappointed in the End and The End will tell.

Make sure that your priorities are right. Focus on the Things that matter, Not on the worldly things, that have No Eternal Value and will perish, be burned up with Fire in the End. Keep your Focus on Me and My Everlasting Kingdom, The Only Kingdom that will last Forever and Ever. Be Part of My Everlasting Kingdom and you will Not be Disappointed in The End because The End will tell.

Take Courage and stay on course. Everyone of you have much Kingdom Work to Accomplish in these Days, until The End. No one Knows when their End might Come, for the days are evil. satan knows his time is running out. Be always on guard, watchful and Praying. Encourage one another to Endure and to stay Faithful until the very End. It will Not be in Vain. The Best is yet to Come. Be Firm in your Faith. I Am in Control. I Work all Things out for Good for those who Love Me who are Called according to My Plan and Purpose. Put all your Hope and Trust in Me. I Am always Faithful and Trustworthy. Take Courage, My Promises do Not Fail.

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