Sunday, February 14, 2021

The TRUTH will Shock the world – February 14, 2021

The TRUTH will Shock the world. Prepare yourselves and be Ready for what is to Come because TRUTH are Unfolding and it is going to Shock many of you also. More TRUTH will Unfold in these days. There is Nothing Secret that will Not be Revealed Nor Anything Hidden that will Not be Known and Come to Light. All lies will be Exposed and Revealed. I Know it all. 

I Am The Only One Who Knows Everything, The End From The Beginning. Have Faith in Me For who I Am and For what I Am Able to Do. I Warn you Beforehand out of Love and because I Care, so that you will Not be in darkness, for the days are evil. 

Do Not Fear Nor Despair. Be in Peace and Rest in My Assurance. I Am in Full Control. I Work all Things out for Good for those who Love Me who are being Called According to My Plan and Purpose. My Promises do Not Fail. My Words will Not Return Empty to Me but will Accomplish all that I Want, as I Want and at My Appointed Time. I Am Always Faithful and Trustworthy. Put all your Hope and Trust in Me and Not in fallible men and women. Many choose to love darkness more than Light and this is why their deeds are evil and Not Good. Many Pretend to be who they are Not. The TRUTH will Shock the world.

Prepare and Guard your hearts more than anything else, for the days are evil. Be Awake, Watchful and Praying. The TRUTH will Shock the world.

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