Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Trust My Plan – February 23, 2021

Trust My Plan. I Am in Full Control. I Am The Only One Who Knows Everything. I Know The End From The Beginning. Nothing is New to Me Nor Hidden From Me. I Know it all. This is why I Can Reveal Mysteries, New and Hidden Things as I Want and When I Want and to whom I Want. I Am Not Predictable, Nor Limited Nor Restricted. I Am The Almighty. The One Who Is, Who Was and Who Is To Come at The Appointed Time, In Great Power and Great Glory.

What I have Foretold and Foretell will Happen at My Appointed Time. I Am in Control of Time also. There is a Time for everything and a Countdown. I Am The Only One who is Able to Change it, According to My Plan and My Purpose. I Am in Full Control of everything. Have Faith in Me and do Not Doubt Me and Do Not lean on your own understanding of how Things will Unfold. The Outcome will be Biblical. My Words will Not Return Empty to Me but will Accomplish all that I Want, as I Want and When I Want, according to My Plan and My Purpose. 

Many do Not Believe Me, this is why they do Not Trust Me, My Plan and that I Will Do What I Promised, the Foretold and What I Foretell also. Your faith will also be tested many times and in various ways. Be Firm in your Faith. Stand Steadfast, be Immovable for you Know that I Am in Control and you Trust My Plan. Seek to Know My Plan. My Will, Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

Trust My Plan and My Purpose for you also. I Work all Things out for Good because you Love Me and are Called according to My Plan and My Purpose and it will be all for My Glory. Put all your Hope and Trust in Me and Not in fallible men and women. I Do Not Fail Nor do I Disappoint. I Am Always Faithful and Trustworthy. Be the same. Trust My Plan and My Promises. I Do Not Change. 

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