Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Deceived and in darkness – March 02, 2021

Many are still deceived and in darkness because of satan's lies. he is the father of all lies, a murderer from the beginning. his ultimate goal is to destroy as many as possible. he does not want them to be saved. he will do his utmost to keep them deceived and in darkness with all his lies and many schemes. he does Not want them to Come to the Knowledge of the Truth. he will try his utmost to prevent them because he knows Truth Sets Free and Not his lies. This is why he wants to keep them deceived and in darkness with all his lies.

This is why you must be patient and realize you were also once deceived and in darkness and lost, until you have been Reconciled and in Peace With Me, The Prince of Peace. Now you are My children of Light and Not of darkness, like you used to be. You have much to be Thankful about. Now you are able to help others to Come to the Knowledge of The Truth that will Set them Free also. Those I Set Free, will be Free Indeed. They will Glorify Me, The One Whom it is all About. I Am The Only Savior, The Messiah of the world and Besides Me there is No other and will Never be, only deceivers. They are savaged wolves in sheep's clothing who have lured many away From Me with satan's lies and empty promises. Sadly many will find this out when it might be too late. Unless they wake up and Seek Truth they will perish in their deception. 

I Find No Pleasure in the death of a sinner. This is why I Call sinners to Repentance.  It is Not My Will that anyone perish but that all Repent and Turn from all their wicked ways, to have the Hope of Eternal Life in The End. Because there will be No Mercy without true remorseful repentance and The End will tell, but then it will be too late. Do Not Wait. Repent and you will Live. The wages of sin is death. The Soul that sins will die. Seek Life Not death. I Love and I Care for you. You are Loved. I Died for all out of Love On The Cross. I Paid The Ultimate Price With My Blood. Accept My Free Gift Now and do Not Wait because satan wants you to perish. Repent! Because you do Not know how much time you have. You must always be Ready so that I Will Find you Worthy on That Day to Inherit My Everlasting Kingdom. The Unrighteous will Not Inherit it. Do Not be Deceived. Seek to be Part of My Everlasting Kingdom. My Kingdom is The Only Kingdom that leads to Eternal Life in the End. 

No one needs to stay deceived and in darkness. It is a choice. Be Wise and Not foolish because The End will tell.

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