Thursday, March 4, 2021

Loving Kindness, Merciful and Gracious – March 04, 2021

I Am Full of Loving Kindness, Merciful and Gracious. I Do Not Change. I Died for all out of Love on The Cross. I Paid The Ultimate Price With My Blood. It is Not My Will that anyone Perish but that all Repent to have the Hope of Eternal Life in the End.

I Find No Pleasure in the death of a sinner. This is why I Call sinners to Repentance. There will be No Mercy without true remorseful Repentance. I will also Not Strive with anyone forever. The wages of sin is death. The soul that sins will die. Repentance is a choice. You all have a free will. I Force No one. Everyone must Seek Life and Not death for themselves. 

Those who continue to Reject and Despise My Loving Kindness, Mercy and Grace, will bear the consequences in the end and the End will tell and they will only have themselves to blame, if they reach the wrong end Destination. 

satan will always try his utmost to hinder and stop people from being Obedient and to Repent, to Turn away from all their wicked ways. he does Not want everyone to be Saved, to Come to the Knowledge of The Truth. I Warn and I Call out of Love and because I Care for everyone. The souls of many are at risk. satan has deceived many with his lies. They are on the way that seems right to them, but its end only leads to Eternal Damnation. I Am The Only Way, The Truth and The Life and Besides Me, there is No other and will Never be. I Am The Only Savior, The Messiah of the world. Those who Reject and Despise Me, will have No Hope for Eternal Life, but Eternal Damnation in the End. I Am Love but I Am Also A Consuming Fire to My Adversaries and The End will tell. Be in Awe and Reverence of Me, For Who I Am and For What I Am Able to Do. Be Wise and Not foolish. Be Reconciled and in Peace With Me. Accept My Free Gift. I Am Full of Loving Kindness, Mercy and Grace. Let I be your First Love and Love Me With all your heart.

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