Monday, March 1, 2021

Willing to Follow Me – March 01, 2021

You must always be Willing to Follow Me, My Way because it is The Only Way, If you want to have the Hope of Eternal Life in The End and The End will tell. Many are Not Willing Nor Determined. I Force No one. It is a choice with consequences. 

I Call many but few are Willing. You must be Willing and Determined to Follow Me, My Way, as I Guide and Lead you Myself, every step of The Way, according to My Plan and Purpose, to be in My Perfect Will. Then you will always Have and Experience My Peace, which surpasses all human understanding, even in the midst of turmoil. You Know that I Am always With you because you are Following Me in My Footsteps, as I Go Before you, to Show you The Way, to Make the crooked places straight, the rough places smooth and to Open Doors according to My Plan and Purpose. You are Never on your own. I Am always With you to Help and to Sustain you along this Difficult and Narrow Way. I Never Promised you an easy Way. I Promised you that I will Never Leave you Nor Forsake you but you must Endure and be Willing to Continue to Follow Me, all the Way, until the Very End. It will Not be in Vain.

There are many who are on the way that seems right to them but it is Not My Way and its end only leads to Eternal Damnation. You must make sure that you are On the Right Way. You will Know If you Follow Me. I Am The Only Way, The Truth and The Life. I Will Allow you Entrance Into Heaven or Refuse you. Many will Try to Enter but Will Not be able. This is why you must be Willing to Follow Me, My Way until the Very End, then you will Not be Disappointed. Listen to, Obey and Do as I Want. My Will be Done, Not your own Or that of other people. Follow My Instructions and Directions and you will be in My Perfect Will and in Peace.

Many are only Hearers but few are Willing to be Doers also. They are Not Willing to come out of their own comfort zones to Follow Me, My Way, even to unknown places. Come and be Willing to Follow Me, My Way. I Will Not Fail Nor Disappoint you. I Am always Faithful and Trustworthy. I Work all Things out for Good for those who Love Me, who are Called according to My Plan and Purpose. Be Willing to Follow Me, My Way Only. You Will Not be Disappointed. I Love and I Care for you. The End will tell. 

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