Tuesday, April 20, 2021

I Want everyone – April 20, 2021

I Want everyone of you to Know Me and to Experience Me for Real. Do Not let satan lie to you. I have No Favoritism and I Do Not Discriminate. I Love and I Care for you. I Paid The Ransom on The Cross With My Blood for everyone of you. You are Loved. 

I Want everyone of you to Love Me First and then to Love your neighbor as yourself also. I Want everyone of you to be an Imitator of Me in the world that is in darkness. Be Light Bearers and Truth Warriors who also Love and Care for the lost Like Me. I Find No Pleasure in the death of a sinner. This is why I Call sinners to Repentance. It is Not My Will that anyone Perish but that all Repent to have the Hope of Eternal Life in The End because The End will tell.

I Am your Perfect Example in everything. This is why I Want everyone to be willing to Change, be Transformed into My Likeness, to be Pleasing to Me. I Must Increase and you must decrease. My Will be Done, Not your own or that of anyone else. It is all About Me and My Everlasting Kingdom. My Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven. I Will be Glorified. 

I Want everyone of you to be My Representatives, Ambassadors in the world. I Have a Plan and a Purpose with everyone of you and not just with some of you, like some believe. I Want everyone of you to Walk With Me every day in Oneness, One in Spirit and in Truth to be in My Perfect Will. It is Not about dead religious practices but to be in a Personal Love Relationship With Me, The One Whom it is all About. I Want everyone of you to Know Me, The One you Believe In and Worship for Real. This is What I Want for you, My Beloved Child. You are a Son Or a Daughter of The Most High. Glorify Me for I Am Worthy. I Want everyone to be Reconciled and in Peace With Me, The Prince of Peace, The only Savior, The Messiah of the world. The One Who Is, Who Was and Who is to Come at the Appointed Time with Great Power and Great Glory. Wait in Expectation for your Redemption Draws Near. I Want everyone to Know that The King of kings and the Lord of lords is Coming at The Appointed Time. Before Me every knee will Bow and every tongue will Confess that I Am The Lord.

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