Healing Miracle

Testimony - Jesus healed me of a lump in my body.

I had a lump in my body that increased in size to about the size of an small egg. When I first discover it, I just prayed and trusted Jesus to heal me. I told nobody about it, it was between me and Jesus. Satan was telling me, I must go see a doctor and tell my husband about it too. I kept it to myself and trusted Jesus, He keeps me alive. I just kept on resisting satan every time he came with his attacks and lies. When it came to my mind I just gave it to Jesus and said: ”I trust You Jesus. You will heal me and take it away.” It went on for more than 2 years. Then one night the Lord said to me in my sleep “Where is your lump?” I felt to feel it but it was gone, Jesus said “I healed you, you trusted Me. I keep you alive.”

I just praise Jesus. Then only did I tell my husband about the lump and that Jesus healed me. Praise the Lord, He is faithful.

Afterwards satan tried to tell me that it would return, but I just resisted him and gave him no foothold.

When you need healing, pray, ask Jesus to heal you and then trust Jesus completely with your whole heart. He will never let you down. Do not allow doubt to enter you. Keep on resisting the devil until he flees from you, do not give in to his lies, he is a murderer from the beginning. The warfare we go through is to build up our faith in Jesus, to know He is faithful and to have a testimony. All the glory and honor goes to Jesus.