Miracle My Life Saved

Testimony - Jesus saved my life

One afternoon we were eating fresh doughnuts from a local store, when I felt a sharp object stuck in my throat. I tried to remove it with my finger but it was too far back, so I tried to push it further down my throat. I ran to the bathroom because it hurt and I saw blood on my finger. I drink water to try to get it down my throat, but it was still stuck. So I put my finger down my throat again and pushed it further down, because I was not able to get it back to take it out. I kept on spitting out lots of blood. I just kept on praying. I then told my husband and sister in law what happened because they didn’t know it was that serious. So my husband wanted to take me to hospital to see a doctor. I said no, just pray for me, because I trust Jesus and I know Jesus is able to help me. They laid their hands on me and we prayed.

It still hurt a lot and I kept on spitting blood, then the object got stuck somewhere further down. I could feel it, but I just kept on praying. The devil kept on telling me the thing is going to cut me open. I just resisted him and told him that I trust Jesus and nothing will happen to me. That night I pray the whole night, I was not very comfortable. I could feel this thing in my stomach, but didn’t know what it was. The morning I could still feel it. I just keep on praying and resisting satan, because he was telling me, I was going to die, I was bleeding inside. I just kept on praying and praying. The whole day I still felt it. I couldn’t eat, my throat was raw. I just kept on praying and trusting Jesus. That night I went to sleep and in the middle of the night in my sleep I heard “ I healed you, I kept you alive.” I woke up praising Jesus. I told my husband what Jesus said to me. Then the devil kept on telling me, the thing is still there and I am going to die, but I just resisted him by telling him the truth. Jesus healed me and kept me alive. It went on for days before satan fled from me.

I never complained to the shop where we bought the doughnuts. It would be a test whether I was going to be different from others who would sue the shop.

A few weeks later the Lord told me to go back to that same shop and to go buy another doughnut from them, because I refused to go there again. Jesus said: “Go show satan you are not scared.” So we went there and bought doughnuts again. I ate one and told satan: “See my life is in Jesus’ Hands, Jesus keeps me alive, nothing will harm me.” Then satan left me alone, he fled. I was tested and Jesus kept me alive.

When you need healing, pray, ask Jesus to heal you and then trust Jesus completely with your whole heart. He will never let you down. Do not allow doubt to enter you. Keep on resisting the devil until he flees from you, do not give in to his lies, he is a murderer from the beginning. The warfare we go through is to build up our faith in Jesus, to know He is faithful and to have a testimony. All the glory and honor goes to Jesus.