My Testimony

I was born into a Christian home. My parents and grandparents loved, served and feared the Lord Jesus. Since I can remember I knew Jesus. At the age of 14 years I was baptized in water on my own confession, in obedience to Jesus Christ. Shortly afterwords the Lord gave me a new Holy Spirit baptism and I received a new Heavenly tongue.
When I was 15 years old Jesus revealed Himself to me for the first time that I can remember.
I had many dreams and received revelations from Jesus that other people did not understand or accept.
I married a widower (Jan Boshoff) in 1984. He had two little boys, later another boy was born to us. They are now grown men.

My family was active in the church and believed that we were serving Jesus by working very hard for the church. We were regular church goers.
I was also attending a church for some years. I worked very hard for the church organization. They kept me very busy with their affairs, there was not much time for Jesus, no time for a relationship to get to know Jesus personally. I thought that it was right, pleasing to Jesus. I was very religious. I also had the Sunday spirit in me. Every Sunday in our house was a miserable day to get ready to be in church in time. If I could not go to church I was upset. One day we found out about the hidden sins of our local pastor and confronted him. He was very upset with us and didn’t want us to attend his church any longer, they abandoned us, so we left. We continued to fellowship at home. We went to visit other churches, but were not accepted by one of them. It was not the Lord’s plan for us.
One day we attended another church and while sitting and waiting for the pastor to preach, I heard loud and clear: “What are you doing here? Get out!” That was it. Since then I followed Jesus and I do what He wants. I am a disciple of Jesus, I follow Him wherever He leads me. I had to repent of the religious spirit that ruled my life and had a hold on me for many years. Jesus set me free and I am free indeed. Now I am able to share it with others so that they can also have a relationship with Jesus and become His disciples, His followers who hear His voice and obey Him. Only those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are sons of God.

Jesus Himself , taught me through His Holy Spirit.
It is not about going to a church, a building, we are the church, a Temple of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us. It is about our relationship with Jesus. We must get to know Jesus and He must get to know us or He will say to us: “Go away, I never knew you.” That is scary. Jesus said:”Not everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord will enter Heaven” Only those who obey Him and do the will of the Father will enter. We must be pleasing to Jesus and no one else.

I was born in South Africa and the Lord sent us to the USA in 2003. Then the Lord prepared us for His Kingdom service. He called me in 2006 to speak and send out the message that He gives me every day. I first did it in Afrikaans, my home language. I am not English but Afrikaans, I could speak little English. Jesus told me to read the English Bible. Then the Lord told me to do the messages in English from 2008.

My husband and I serve Jesus alongside each other. We each do every day what Jesus tells us to do. We have abandoned everything and follow where Jesus sends us. Our children are grown and they have their own lives. We are disciples of Jesus, called for His purpose. We have no affiliations with any group or church. We follow Jesus. Jesus taught us many things and teaches us every day. We share our testimonies and that which Jesus gives us every day. “Man will not live from bread alone, but from every Word that proceeds from the Mouth of God”

My husband is Justice Boshoff (Jesus gave him a new name, his birth name is Jan) His website is